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Book cover for Dave King's novel, The Ha-Ha

"A very fine debut novel….a very skilled first novel, a book full of deep feeling rendered with light, sure strokes.  It’s also one more variation, but a lovely one, on a very old story form, the sensitive heart trapped in a monster’s body. Think of Beauty and the Beast or Boo Radley, the well-meaning neighborhood oddity in To Kill a Mockingbird….King etches so expertly the fine filigree of the man’s resignation and pain….We go right to the edge with [Howie], and even if we’re not always laughing, we’re glad to be along for the ride."
–Richard Lacayo,

"Accomplished, moving….Devastating. The peace Howard forges in the end, in equal measure hopeful and fragile, hits the mark.  King’s writerly restraint serves his story well.  His novel is unflaggingly believable. Neither showy or histrionic, The Ha-Ha is full of emotional truth and establishes King as a writer of consequence."
–Mark Kamine,
New York Times Book Review

"Jo March, Holden Caulfield, David Copperfield, Alexander Portnoy: many of literature's most memorable novels became so because the protagonist was utterly unforgettable and completely human.  That's the key to Dave King's first novel entitled The Ha-Ha. Howard stays with you for a long, long time afterwards, one of those fictional everymen who teach you about yourself just by showing up. I missed him terribly when the book was done."
–Anna Quindlen,
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